05 March 2015
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IBOG World

IBOG through geographic expansion, our growing practice include affordable access to business development coaching, consulting and technical assistance and collaborations.

IBOG's remit is to support growth among individual business owners and those aspiring to start their own enterprise and help improve the business environment they operate in

Company Overview
IBOG is a membership supporting group organize to advocate, mentor and work in collaboration with other professionals to help and assist individual businesses and aspiring ones anywhere they are. IBOG is comprised of business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, business advocates and professionals who stand out as thought leaders in their industry and who have the capacity and desire to improve the communty where they do business. 

our goal is to build an organic resource for world’s entrepreneurs. We strive to do more than just list business names and mission statements. By connecting member’s businesses through their respective technologies of choice — be they Facebook profiles, Twitter pages, RSS feeds or something brand new — we hope to build a vibrant community where those passionate about what they do can draw from the fervor of other people with concordant ambitions.

IBOG offers Live Consulting service on our web site to visitors as well as members expert help when they need it. This is an indispensable tools for cultivating relationship with new and exsisting members from any location free of charge. This real time consultation allows us to offering supperior services, and accessible 2...4 hours per day, 7 days per week to our members and of course our visitors.


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